Alisa Leonard along with Tarah Feinberg and Matthew Gagen share their insights on the influence of Google Plus, the users search behaviour and what it all means for search and social.

Alisa maintains that Google+ has far-reaching synergies in research and social results in the area for digital marketers. Google is not creating just another destination social network but a social data layer. As we expand our social data base then our content that is shared through our Plus Pages will most likely appear very high in natural search.

If I put a +1-Button on my display campaign, says Alisa and consumers are interacting with this button I can re-target my media campaign for example to that users social graph.

Tarah suggests that brands will be in a position to target groups based on demographic data, their Sparks, and interests and they will be able to do this more accurately. The content the brands publish, and the conversation that takes place around a brand can be later incorporated in the search stream.

Google has always been very good at gathering large amount so data, says Tarah, they make it contextually relevant and when combined with the social data layers that are being created by Google+ then there is also the possibility of building a recommendation for social communities as powerful as Amazon is for shopping.

This concept is really powerful as it gives marketers the opportunity not only to target people on the basis of historical data that people publish about themselves, but also the contextual information about how people are acting on Google plus.

When brands can create professional profiles and start building their communities they have a head start in understanding what the possibilities are. Tarah says that everything on a personal level can be transferred to the professional level, with this in mind he advises marketers to be a beta tester and get in and work with Google+ as quickly as possible and learn what is happening with this platform.

Check out the video for more insights into the nature of Google+ with…

  • Alisa Leonard Vice President, Strategy & Planning
  • Tarah Feinberg Head of Live Media Studio
  • Matthew Gagen Natural Search Strategist


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