Discus is a WordPress plugin which replaces the WordPress comment system. You can use Disqus to make comments on a lot of blogs and sites around the internet and people that follow what you do on your blog can actively participate via comments when you post on your site.

Why You would Use Disqus

The main reason to use this with your WordPress blog or website is to increase your interaction with your readers. Disqus will allow them to syndicate your content better which will help your rankings in Google. You can leave video comments and it even lets visitors post video replies… everything works together seamlessly with many options available to help draw your readers into your blog and let you interact with them helping to build website communities.

Disqus Options

  • Disqus conveniently threads together replies.
  • Syncs through various popular social media sites.
  • Enable trackbacks.
  • Enable video comments.
  • Connect with Facebook, Twitter, and OpenID.
  • Control the look of the comment system.

It allows people to log in via Facebook or twitter and leave comments on your blog, they can leave comments anonymously, but importantly, if you have static html pages you can pop in a code on these pages to add commenting and moderate these comments across your site.

Setting up Disqus

In this video Jon Bennett shows you how to set up Disqus and install it onto your WordPress site.

Firstly he takes you through the registration site and recommends that you have a different login for each of your different niches, but it is not altogether necessary, it depends on how you feel about this, Jon says he does not really mind having the same login.

He then walks you through the steps of adding a website and setting up the options. It is all quite simple but there are a few points worth mentioning about the process as it is quite important that they are done for increased functionality.

Activate ‘Reactions’ because that is how to aggregate your conversation, that is when people are talking about something related to our site on the various social sites like FriendFeed, Twitter, etc., it will display all of that and is this is more social proof so make sure you do this.

He suggests you allow anybody to comment rather than registered, you want everybody to leave comments he says and adding registration is just an unnecessary step these days.

Also set up Disqus so that it integrates with Facebook and he shows you how to get the Facebook API key for user authentication. He also recommends setting up Cross-domain Receiver URL so that commentators can use rich functionality on your site.

Finally he steps you through the site installation, does a test post and comment to show you how it all works.

Watch the video and if you think this is for you head on over to WordPress.org and pick up the Disqus system and implement it.

Setting up & Insalling Disqus Commenting System



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