The personalisation behind search is the name of the game now explains Bernie Borges in his video on how Google’s search goes social.

Bernie says that Google is now displaying search results that include content from your online social circle. It works this way, say I do a search on the key phrase ‘content marketing’ says Bernie, and I have a lot of people in my online social circle or followers that would possibly talk about the subject of content marketing, well then anytime someone in my social circle blogs about content marketing, or talks about it on sites such as Facebook or YouTube then those results are going to show up on the first page. What is happening is that Google is integrating the social result right on the first page along with the search results, rather than putting it off to the side as they did in the past.

The implications for a marketer is quite significant say Bernie. Consider the SEO value, if marketers don’t have a social circle that are using their keywords within that circle then you might not be found as easily on Google as perhaps your competitors who do have a social circle set up and who do engage and talk about their content with their group, their readers.

Bernie explains that this really turns search on its ear and everyone needs to be aware of this. Everyone gets personalized results now, and he suggests you do some research on keywords that are relevant to you and your industry, ask others to do the same and see what results they get back, don’t think that everyone gets the same results.

The consequences of social searches for marketers was also touched upon in Rank Fishkin’s video where he suggests that marketers will win by making visitors happy.

Social signals are happening through the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and data from such sites as StumbleUpon etc. These sites are gaining a foothold and search engines will be able to determine your social circle and importantly what they are sharing, what they like and don’t like. These are authentic signals for the search engines that will progressively have more power as we move forward which is something for the marketer to ponder.

 Search Goes Social

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