This is simple, it is not new but few do it and this is what you need to know to succeed…

Create an effective content marketing strategy works for affiliate marketing as well as for the small business bloggers, the hobbyist and those in network marketing.

This strategy involves the creation of high value content for engaging your current readers or potential customers with the goal of driving an action that will be of profit to you… they will buy, or spread your word to others thus widening your audience.

To be successful with this, you will need to focus on the needs and wants of the consumer first, as a result of doing this you have a greater chance of bringing in incredible value without pitching, selling or promoting.

Simply you lead with value to simplify your reader’s lives or to guide them; if you do this first then your profits will follow. You see they get to know you and see how your content is valuable to them; they see how that content is helping them or how it provides a solution. This is a win win situation. Think about blogging, videos and articles packed with information for your readers.

Before you start you must know your target market, know the best potential customer for your service or business opportunity. Use the internet and the keyword tools to find out what your targeted audience are specifically searching for, listen to them, find out when they have a need, or are looking for something they want to have more information about, then you can provide that solution. Use the free Google keyword tool here to do your checking, straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

The Next Step

An example taken from the video below, Rob Fore, our narrator did some research on the key term ‘content marketing’ and found that 22,200 people were searching for that particular key phrase in Google.

Once he knew the exact keyword and keyword phrases that these people were searching for then the next step he would take would be to produce keyword optimized content. He would put those exact keywords phrases in the tile and throughout the body of the content, which allows the search engines to determine what your article is about and that can result in you getting decent rankings for those keyword or phrases.

Of course you will guide your readers into a solution in your content, then once we have our content published then we will work on promoting it by getting backlink from various means to help it rank in the search engines. There are many programs you can use to get backlinks automatically says our narrator.

However I maintain the best way is to do your linking slowly and naturally rather than automate it. The goal is to get rankings on the front page of the search engines and to keep it there. So don’t rush it you are in for the long haul. More to come on various linking methods soon.


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