Here is a video by Daniel McClure who introduces Google+ social network. He gives a quick tour of the functionality of this networking site and suggests some of the potential marketing, news and SEO possibilities for business blogs. This attempt by Google to enter the social landscape is one of their most promising projects says Daniel.

Here is an idea of how it works…

Their URL is you can visit there you can sign in with your Google account, where you will be taken to the introduction page. Here you will see what they have to offer… photos, circles, sparks and hangouts.

Daniel demonstrates a few concepts as he takes you to his page where you see it is a similar layout to Facebook. One of the biggest differences is in its use of circles for management says Daniel.


Here Circles pulls in all your email addresses and after creating different groups you can categories or place people into categories by dragging them into different one group or a couple of the different groups… this ensures you share just what you want to share with various groups based on how you know them. It is really a nice way of sharing content on a targeted basis as you know just exactly who you are sending things to. You can create a friend circle, business, business and friends, followers, family… a circle for any group you can come up with, which really simplifies the whole privacy process and seems far more clean cut than Facebook.

Daniel gives a demonstration of the simplicity of this concept by posting to his stream and choosing which of his circles he wants to send his message to… either all or one of his circles, or indeed make it entirely public so anyone can see.

It might be a while before it gets mainstream adoption says Daniel, but it is still worth playing around with and getting to know how to use it, as this is especially good for sharing content with your industry.


This gives you a central dashboard to organise all your connections. Starting Hangouts allows you to add up to ten people into a chat room where you all share a live video conference which can be very useful for regular team meetings online or a mastermind group you want to keep in contact with… It can be very useful to connect with these people on a personal basis and can be an alternative to Skype says Daniel.


Sparks are general topics that you are interested in and you can search within your account for a particular interest that you would like to add to your sparks. You will see that it pulls in information from around the web that is related to your search. Daniel calls it a feed reader for topics and he observes that Google+ seems more like a sharing tool rather than a social network like Facebook is. It also adds commenting allowing for a lot of conversation.

A lot of the content could allow Google to tap into what people are talking about and if you are a content publisher this could be the ideal place to get your content around.

Watch the video for more on Daniels thoughts about Google+ and getting your content out there.

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