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Tarah Feinberg – Head of Live Media Studio
Rachel Pasqua
– Vice President, Mobile
Matthew Gagen
– Natural Search Strategist

From the Google+ we get hangouts where we get a chance to talk to friends and acquaintances, where it is also a good opportunity for marketers to contact customers via their business blogs. This video focuses on the effects hangouts might have on marketing efforts on Google Plus.

Tarah talks about how a marketer can use Google+ hangouts…

Consumers can engage with a brand through video chatting… Although Facebook is working on integrating video chatting with Skype says Tarah it is not as seamless and as integrated as Google Plus.

If for example, you are a fashion brand suggests Rachel, and as a company you want to know what people think about some changes you might want to make within your company… just say you are trying to change a logo. People have the ability to add your brand page to their circle and when something new is going on they can go to your hangout and tell you, or a representative of your company, what they think.

This is the most effective form of audience management at the present. As Rachel says you cannot get more real than that. It is like real life spontaneous customer focused groups who are actually coming in to talk to you… this is an audience that you will want to engage with.

Matthew says no other platform allows for a one to one or indeed a one to many relationship and companies can take advantage of that situation building an interested audience.

Check out Google+ hangouts and have a look at this news article about this digital networking platform to see how you as a marketer can use this new channel to contact and engage with your existing or potential customers.

How Marketers  can use GooglePlus Hangouts

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