We have referred to content marketing in the last few posts… mentioning how content strategies works for affiliate marketing and how it can be used to help business bloggers improve customer engagement. But what is it exactly? This quick video will show you what you need to know about content marketing.

Every day says out narrator people use a variety of social media to search for content on a wide range of subjects. Sites such as…

  • Twitter
  • MSN
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Del.icio.us

Every business needs to consider this and have an online presence and work to draw these people to their website. How you do it is with content marketing which will help you draw traffic to get eyeballs to your business and as a result, possible leads and sales. You can also do this for a much lower cost than other types of marketing.

On the question of content marketing

It is centred on regularly creating and publishing content which you will place on landing pages (this is a single web page that visitors land on after clicking a link) or you can start a blog for this purpose which will be far easier to maintain on a regular basis via posts you make.

It all starts with content that is unique, interesting and distinctive to engage your readers. To do this think about helping people solve their problems and answer their questions. You need to consider how to relate this to your business or product and your content can be in any form that you see fit, such as…

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • E-books
  • Videos

A few other considerations in the making of this content…

  • Make the title of your content catchy as this is something that will capture attention.
  • Make sure you content is keyword optimized to rank high in the search engines. This means adding your keyword in the title of your content as well as sprinkling a few keywords or phrases throughout the content itself, but not too many for fear of looking spammy.

As you publish your content to your own website regularly you have the added bonus of building your site into an authority in your industry, the narrator advises this will keep your visitors coming back often, they will stay on your site longer, which tells Google that your site is worthwhile.

To increase your presence on the internet you can also publish your content to other people’s sites with links back to your own site. A few examples below…

Then you promote your content using social bookmarking sites.

By creating and publishing helpful content on a regular basis then content marketing can help you develop your site into a trusted authority in your field which will help you rank higher and increase your sites conversion rate, which could possibly generate a lot of leads and sales from your site.

Check out the video for more information and inspiration…






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